Babe of the Day

We love women! Since we try to celebrate beautiful babes everyday. We have created “Babe Of The Day”. The BOTB isn’t always about a slender sexy body in a skimpy bikini. We also look for women who are also bad asses in whatever they do.

A sexy woman laying in bed wearing only lingerie.
Welcome to the finest website for the finest women.

How do we pick the Babe of the Day?

Our team of Babe Experts scour the internet searching for exceptional women to feature in our daily posts. Sometimes our fans send us suggestions.

We don’t just look for the typical “Hot Girls“. You know the ones that might have used photshop to enhance their pictures that are all over instagram. We look for strong, sexy, sophisticated and cerebral women who inspire the male species to be better men.

That means we just don’t feature skinny bikini bodies who look like all they eat are almonds and champagne. We like the curvy girls who aren’t afraid to flaunt their voluptuous assets. The maker cosplayers who spend days and months on their costumes. Fitness models who meticulously sculpt their figures through diet and exercise/workouts to win a Bikini Contest.

A woman sitting in a pool with a tiny bikini barely covering her large boobs.
Bikini Contest Contestant