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Bikini contests sometimes referred to as swimsuit competitions are popular across the world. Typically Barely clothed babes do battle to see who judges pick as having the best physical attributes!


Some competitions focus on one part of a woman’s body like the Reef Bikini Contest that focuses on the booty. Reef even goes as far as releasing a calendar of bikini clad booty’s every year.


Many fitness competitions have contestants wearing a very small bikini to show off the intricacies of their physiques. Each part of their body has been molded through intense diet and exercise. Many contestants will get a fake tan and slather themselves in baby oil to increase the visually increase their definition.


Many competitors purchase custom designed suits to further give them an edge. They are usually very skimpy g-string suits that are very sparkly and shiny. Furthermore this creates a visual edge in addition to a mental as the competitors know they are looking their best.