Obscure Sexy National Days

They are so many National Days that sometimes one might feel like what’s the use?

Here are days to celebrate the sexier side of life.

National Cuddle Up Day – January 6th
National Shower Together Day – January 13th
International Fetish Day – January 15th
Spouse’s Day РJanuary 26th
National Shower with a Friend Day – February 5th
Steak And Blow Job Day-March 14th
Cake And Cunnilingus Day – April 14th
National Anal Sex Day – April 18th
National Lingerie Day – April 24th
No Pants Day – First Friday in May
National Sex Day – June 9
No Panty Day – June 22nd
International Kissing Day – July 6th
National Hand Job Day – July 21st
National Underwear Day – August 5th
Go Topless Day – August 23rd
Kiss and Make Up Day – August 25th
Wife Appreciation Day – September 20th
Sweetest Day – Third Saturday in October
Sex Toy Day – November 4th
Love Note Day – Fourth Friday in September

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